Wood Loft Bed with Couch Underneath

Loft bed with couch underneath –┬áMake each bed leg two 48-inch boards 2 by 6. Keep the boards together at an angle of 90 degrees with clamps C. Use the drill to screw together with wood screws 3 inches, about 10 per leg.┬áMeasure from the bottom of each leg and make a thick pencil line […]

boys loft bed furniture

Always they say that the decoration lofts behind many secrets that is useful to know before we get to work to make changes in the prevailing decorative style in this type of housing. In today’s article touches treat teen boys loft bed. Undoubtedly it is an explosive mixture, requiring tailor a decorative style very specific […]

Awesome Modern Loft Bed

Modern loft bed is our topic today. Loft bedroom space savings are fantastic for those living in cramped. The easiest way to make a loft bedroom is by purchasing a loft bed prefabricated as its starting point and the use of ready-made furniture to decorate the living room below. Select a loft bed and the […]

diy playhouse loft bed

Playhouse loft bed is a practical way to add space of a room, as well as offering an alternative entertainment to sleeping arrangements of his son. With flat bed, there is room below to set a desk, dresser or storage compartments. At same time, your child can rest or play up an almost magical structure […]

diy l shaped loft bed

Decorate l shaped loft bed and accurately separate all spaces may be mission impossible at first. One must know how to make good use space that offers so it is not overloaded or be a burden to live inside, this has to do with choosing right furniture or elements necessary for that besides decorating is […]

classy full loft bed with desk

There are many designs for space-saving beds, and full loft bed with desk is a great solution for homes with small rooms. This type of bed allows maximizing space, as beneath them, you can build your desktop or a small living room. For this reason both work well in a small room and a study. […]

ideas twin loft bed with stairs

When you think build twin loft bed with stairs, adequate steps, appropriate inclination and a handrail to cling are some of aspects that we must consider before issuing a verdict. Throughout my life I have found many rare stairs why I have not gone will you see some difficult scale models? Bunks are stacked in […]

Amazing Full Size Bunk Beds

Full size bunk beds, Prepare a square using two beams and two beams 75 inches 35 inches. Attach them to be placed on the edge (not flat on the floor) with two screws into each junction. Insert screws through the flat portion of the short, at the ends of the long beams. Drill two holes […]

Amazing Custom Loft Beds

Custom loft beds are great for smaller rooms or apartments, raising their sleeping area to make room for the seat or a work space below. Loft beds are a simple construction, requiring limited resources and with only a few critical points of the structure. This makes them very suitable for builders for the first time. […]

Adult Loft Bed Frame

A loft bed frame can be constructed to maximize space by raising the high bed off the floor to use the space under the bed of a table or other furniture. Instructions to build loft bed frame: measure the width and height of the room. Measure and cut two tables 6-by-8 to 78- inches in […]